Dorion History Book

The first printing of “Dorion’s Roots & Branches” has sold out! To get your hands on a copy, if only for a brief time, you can borrow it from…. the library!

In 2001 – Dorion’s Centennial Homecoming – the Dorion Public Library published a detailed account of Dorion’s History. In Dorion’s Roots & Branches: One Hundred Years Remembered (1901-2001), much of Dorion’s treasured past is captured in 437 pages of detailed historical accounts and information about Dorion’s many social, political, cultural, religious and economic establishments, events and eras. In order to summarize the vast amount of quality information given in the text of Dorion’s History book, a lot will be left out for the purposes of summarizing its rich history. All information used in this summary has been taken from Dorion’s history book which can be found in the Dorion Public Library.

For move visit the library or view a brief description of the book here on the Dorion Township’s History Book page.